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Victoria Sherrow

The Encyclopedia of Hair

A Cultural History

By Victoria Sherrow

This book examines the ways in which hair has served as a signifier of class, gender, ethnicity, conformity/non-comfority, authority, and power throughout history.

Countless issues and examples are explored in this volume including: hair styles of royalty; wigs worn by lawmakers and judges; ceremonial hairstyles of tribes throughout the world; Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads; hair in the counterculture (including the musical Hair); skinheads, Mohawks and punk style; the hairstyles of First Ladies; celebrity hairstyles; women shaving their heads to subvert gender and sexuality stereotyping; the entire hair-care industry; the search for a cure to baldness; and diseases and disorders related to hair.

Broad topics in this book include hair arrangement/styling; care and cleansing; business and commercial aspects; laws and legal matters; trends and trendsetters; and health and science.

An introductory essay explores the universal human interest in hair and hair-styling throughout history and around the world. It is followed by alphabetically arranged entries, each including sources for further reading.

This work is highly relevant to the study of class, gender, popular culture, and politics. A lavish set of color and halftone illustrations completes this fun and useful title.

Chipmunk at Hollow Tree Lane

By Victoria Sherrow

Illustrated by Allen Davis

Winter is near, and Chipmunk is scampering around gathering as many nuts and seeds as possible to take back to her burrow for the long hibernation.

Follow Chipmunk as she fends off competitors and prepares for the long, cold winter.

Reviewed by the Smithsonian Institution for accuracy, Chipmunk at Hollow Tree Lane is a fun and informative story with beautifully detailed illustrations.

Watch your children have a blast reading and learning about the animals that live in an American backyard!


By Victoria Sherrow

Meet some of the people — both passengers and crew — who sailed on the Titanic. The Scholastic History Readers series was created especially to bring history to life for beginning readers.

This is a simple recounting of the Titanic's tragic story. The text describes the chronology of events, and discusses the investigation that followed the disaster. The final pages discuss Robert Ballard's discovery and exploration of the wreck of the Titanic.

Sidebars introduce real people who were aboard the Titanic, including the captain, who went down with his ship.

Editorial Review from School Library Journal:

“This easy-to-read chapter book takes readers back to April, 1912, when the Titanic set out on its first voyage. Sherrow discusses the vessel itself, its passengers, and Captain Edward J. Smith, and tells why and how the steamship sank.

Stories of survival and descriptions of the resulting maritime laws are included, along with information about the discovery of the wreckage and the role of scientist Dr. Robert Ballard in that endeavor.

The black-and-white and color illustrations on every spread include a painting of the ship sinking and a reproduction of the front page of the New York Times announcing the tragedy. With its lively text, well-organized chapters, and outstanding photographs, this book is a welcome addition.”

For Appearance’ Sake

The Historical Encyclopedia of Good Looks, Beauty and Grooming

By Victoria Sherrow

Are people today any more or less interested in looks than those who lived 100, 200, or 2,000 years ago? For Appearances' Sake answers that question and more as the first reference work to examine all aspects of beauty, body ornamentation, and grooming.

More than 300 entries tell the story, from ancient times to the present, of the products, practices, and people that make beauty a multi-billion dollar industry.

Quite different from reference works that focus on the how-to aspects of beauty, this volume is innovative for its historical and global approach to how people care for their appearance.

Additionally, this encyclopedia takes a look at many of the attitudes and beliefs about body and appearance that pose challenging questions to society.

Fur Seal Grows Up

A Story of a Galapagos Fur Seal

A Smithsonian Institution “Read & Discover” Book

By Victoria Sherrow

Swim along with Fur Seal as he learns to make his way through life on the special island he calls home.

Read and Discover books are perfect introductions to animals and to reading. With large print, clear chapter headings, bold faced glossary words and gorgeous illustrations that relate directly to the text, these guided reading level books are just right for beginning readers.

Wilma Rudolph

an On My Own Biography

By Victoria Sherrow

Illustrated by Larry Johnson

Introducing new readers to some of history's most interesting and important people, these biographies focus on the pivotal episodes that show what kind of person the subject is (or was) and how he or she came to be famous.

Although written in a story format, these books are not fictionalized accounts. A chronology of major events follows the story, along with a brief summary of the subject's life.

Galapagos Fur Seal

At Home in the Tropics

A Smithsonian Oceanic Collection Book

By Victoria Sherrow

Illustrated by Anne Wertheim

A tropical island might seem like a strange home for an animal with a thick fur coat, but for Galapagos Fur Seal, it's just perfect. Join Fur Seal as he plays with other young seals and learns to dive and hunt for fish in this fact-based story.

New and improved changes make Galapagos Fur Seal: At Home in the Tropics ideal for schools and libraries. This book has been carefully reviewed by experts at the Smithsonian Institution for accuracy, and comes with a free easy-to-download e-book and audiobook with realistic sound effects for read-along fun.

Benjamin Franklin

A History Maker Bio

By Victoria Sherrow

Illustrated by Tim Parlin

Describes the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin, the American statesman, author and inventor.

Thomas Jefferson

A History Maker Bio

By Victoria Sherrow

Illustrated by Tim Parlin

An introduction to the life of Thomas Jefferson, discussing his roles as drafter of the Declaration of Independence, ambassador to France, secretary of state, vice president, and president of the United States of America.

Alexander Graham Bell

an On My Own Biography

By Victoria Sherrow

Illustrated by Elaine Verstraete

“Beginning with Bell's childhood in Scotland, this book treats the inventor's early years spent working with his father (a speech teacher), studying speech and sound in college, developing an interest in inventions, and teaching at schools for deaf children.

An afterword addresses his later career and personal life. Full-color illustrations and one sepia-toned photo, large print, and easy text will be helpful to beginning and reluctant readers.”

— School Library Journal

National Geographic Investigates:

Ancient Africa

Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of Africa’s Past

By Victoria Sherrow

Archaeology reveals the rich histories of complex cultures in the cradle of humankind. Study the Dogon people of Mali. Explore the ancient city of Jenne-jeno.

Learn how computer technology has recreated the Kushite temples at Jebel Barkal and how artifacts bring new insights, helping scientists to piece together the puzzle of ancient Africa.